My Take: Pawn Stars

As I was hanging out with my parents for our annual Memorial Day Massie Grilling of the Meats, I discovered that the three of us have all been watching the pawn/storage unit/resell/repurpose type shows. When they found out that I hadn't seen Pawn Stars - a favorite of theirs - they turned on the marathon that was running on the History Channel. And created a monster.

I was quickly addicted and watched it for the rest of the day.

It's about the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. People bring in items they want to pawn or sell and the guys evaluate them. Often times, they'll bring in experts that talk more about the items. Sometimes you get to see them use the item, as in the case of a miniature cannon. Not a toy cannon, a real cannon that happens to be tiny. It was used as a military training device! So really, what's not to love? You find some cool, crazy or interesting item, clear space and make money all at the same time? Everyone wins!

However, there was one common thread that I noticed through the episodes.


Most owners thought their items were worth much more than they really were and expected more money than they got. For some, they expected thousands more.

I've seen this amongst my clients as well. They want to "try to get their money back." That money is already gone, so it's time to just put that notion out of your mind. When you're selling random household items, the way to look at it is to be happy for the clear space and money you didn't have before. Our emotional attachments add the value, but that doesn't always translate monetarily. Because of our love of something, it is easy to overlook the flaws in it. Someone purchasing doesn't have that attachment and will more easily see the flaws, bringing down the monetary worth.

Something else to think about if you're selling to a pawn shop - they're in the business of making money. You're not going to get the full worth as if you sold direct to a collector. They have to factor in repair costs, their overhead and making a profit when determining how much money to give you, the owner. For you, you're taking less money to get rid of the hassle and time of having to do it yourself. If you feel so strongly about getting the price you want, do it yourself. If not, have at it and enjoy the cleared space and new-found cash!

Have you seen the show "Pawn Stars?" What do you think of it?