Organization Project: Linen Closet

Need a quick project to help jump-start your organizational motivation? Try the linen closet. With its small, contained space filled with items that generally have little emotional attachment, it can be just the thing to give you a jump-start. Before:

As you can see, things were a little haphazardly put in here. There was a start at organization, but frustration with the closet set up caused it to never really get completed. What you can't see in this photo is that the top shelf has a cut out that creates a U-shape. Unfortunately, this also makes it a little difficult to see everything you have in there.

My client and I started by pulling everything out and sorting like with like. We then purged some of the linens and refolded everything. While I was folding, my client purged many of the toiletries that were in the closet. I put everything back in according to type and we have this:

The top two shelves are toiletries, arranged by type. My client already had the baskets so we put them to better use. She can now grab what she needs and take it into the bathroom. (This is a small home with almost no storage in the master bath.) Next up are our towels and sheets. Then the throw blankets and comforter with an extra blanket on the bottom.

Total time: 30 minutes.