Enjoy Your Collections

As you can imagine, I come across many collections in my line of work. Generally, these collections are 1) hidden away or 2) amassed to the size that they have taken over and are not really enjoyable any more. However, because it's a "collection," my client never wants to let go. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to a party in what is easily the largest, most luxe home I have ever been in. This was a truly gorgeous home filled with several different types of collections and scads of original artwork. What struck me most, however, was that it was all out, being used and truly enjoyed without ever becoming clutter. There were originals in the children's rooms - where the hostess showed them to us while the children's rooms were unapologetically messy. (As most children's rooms are.) Some of the younger set of the party played beer pong on the same pool table that saw many indiscretions of the Rat Pack. This family collected what they loved and had a connection to, not what they thought would make them money later on. They filled their home without over-filling it or allowing the collections to take over and become clutter. Most of all, they ENJOYED their collections and loved sharing these beyond cool items with others, rather than fearing the money spent and squirreling everything away. It was a refreshing and down-to-earth attitude not always seen at this tax bracket.

What can you learn from this party and apply it to your own home and collections?

  • Collect only what you truly love and have a connection to.
  • Display your items in tasteful manner that fits within your space. If you have too much and it becomes clutter, curate as a gallery would and choose your most favorite pieces to display. You'll enjoy them so much more when you can see them.
  • Don't be afraid to use your collection. If you don't use it, it's just collecting dust and wasting space and money anyway.

Beer pong on the Rat Pack pool table anyone?