Home Staging Top Ten - Part One

Recently, I've been staging a lot more homes and seeing many for sale signs in yards. Because I have a fascination with homes and seeing how people live, I have developed a habit of perusing home sale listings. The thing that always catches my eye is that not everybody stages their home. In this market, every little edge you can give yourself is ESSENTIAL to selling your home quickly and closer to the asking price. This week, I'm going to give you my top ten favorite tips for staging your home to sell.

  1. First and foremost, as soon as you put your home on the market you need to change your mindset. You no longer live there. Now, you’re houseguests in someone else’s home. Thinking about it this way makes removing all of your personal items easier.
  2. Remove all clutter and over-personal items including photographs, excessive CD and DVD collections, books that reveal too much (i.e. – self help books) etc. The goal is to make the home look spacious and inviting - not invite home buyers to see what you're into.
  3. Organize all of the cabinets and closets. Messy cabinets/closets make it look like you don’t have enough storage. Storage sells. Think that people won't open your cabinets? Think again. Potential buyers want to know that everything they own will fit into your cabinets and closets. That means they're opening them and you want them lovely and neat.
  4. Make sure everything works – doors open and shut easily and properly. Drawers open and shut smoothly. If they don’t, then get them fixed immediately.
  5. Make sure every room has a “goal.” A confused room can confuse the buyer as well. If you have a spare bedroom, turn it into an office, child’s room, media or workout room depending upon who you think your target buyer will be.

Come back Wednesday for the next five tips!