Home Staging: Arlington Heights Home

Today I'm featuring a current home listed that I helped to start the staging process. We got into the work so quickly that I didn't get the chance to take some before pictures. Since I don't have pics, you'll just need to use your imagination while I tell you what I did.

Front room

When you first walked in the door, you were greeted by two chairs and an end table between on the left wall, two chairs with an end table between on the far wall and a couch and coffee table on the door wall. The right wall is a great fireplace flanked by bookshelves and windows. We started by removing the two chairs and table from the left side wall and replacing them with a bookcase from the dining room. Then, we floated the couch in the center of the room facing the fireplace and flanked each side with an end table and chair. This created more of an entrance way as guests walk in the home, as well as creating a better conversation area and highlighting the fireplace and built-ins. I removed about 90% of the contents from all the bookshelves and rearranged remaining books and decorative bits. I also removed everything off of the tables except for something a little decorative. We then brought in a coat rack from the dining room and tucked it in behind the front door.

Dining room

First thing we did in the dining area was hit the table. It had become home to all types of candies and desserts, so we put them back in their rightful home in the kitchen. Underneath the desserts was a tablecloth that didn't properly fit the table. I was going to suggest a properly fitted tablecloth but as we lifted it, it revealed a beautiful table underneath so we left that alone. Next, I removed the leaf from the center of the dining table. While it can sometimes be good to show that a home can accommodate a large dining table, I felt that this home was better served by utilizing the cozier table and creating more space in the room. In one corner was a small table and stacks of water bottle palettes and underneath the table was an old rug. That was all removed. We already relocated the bookshelf and coat rack so this left our room with only the dining table, chairs and a hutch. The hutch got moved from the back wall to propped across the far left corner.

My total hands on time: 1 1/2 hours.

Note - give yourself as much time as you can before listing your home. You may come across unforseen issues. When we lifted the rug, the padding underneath had been heat pressed into the floor from years of use. The homeowner was very lucky in that it came up rather easily and hadn't damaged the floor. That could have gone in a very different direction and you want to be prepared in case you have to spend extra time on the unexpected.

Check out the entire listing here. It's an adorable little house. It needs some love, but would be a great starter home and is located near all sorts of fabulous food, entertainment and shopping. If you're interested, tell my friend Tracey that I sent you!

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