Birthday Break

I'm giving myself this week off from the blog for a little birthday break.

As I look at this picture, I notice two things about me that I get from my parents:

  1. We enjoy well placed decadence. Notice two cakes and two giant tubs o' ice cream? There were probably less than 10 people here. I had two cakes and two ice creams pretty much every year though we never had a lot of people there. It was essentially a cake and ice cream that I wanted and then cake and ice cream for everyone else. Some birthdays I even had a third cake in the shape of a doll or something. Every summer, post-birthday was cake and ice cream for DAYS.
  2. If it works and we use it, we hang on to it for-eh-ver. My parents still use those chairs and glasses. They only just replaced that dining table a couple of years ago. I still use the same dresser I've had since I was born. (though it has been refinished a couple of times.)

Decadence tempered by practicality? Practicality jazzed up with a touch of decadence? Who cares what you call it. Either way it's a winning combination!

Have a fabulous week!