Organization Project - Pantry

Today's pantry is brought to you by "I save money when I get organized." What do I mean by this?

You'll soon find out...


Because of the angle of the photo, it's difficult to see that the shelving runs around the left side of the pantry. Let me tell you, there was a lot of food packed into this pantry. There was also a lot of spices, teas and random foods in other kitchen cabinets. We started, as always, by emptying everything out, sorting like with like and ditching the expired foods. (Six giant black trash bags and two medium recycling bins to be precise.) Some of the random things that lived here now live in more functional places. I then put everything back according to how they'll be used:

Sugary items that the child of the household needs to ask for up top out of reach. Underneath are condiments and other snacks that my client wants the little person to ask for. Next down at the most common eye level are the healthier canned goods, followed by healthier snacks and the disposables - napkins, paper plates, etc. - that everyone can have access to. On the floor are surplus drinks, cups and lunch coolers. All of the other surplus beverages and teas that were in here now live with all the other teas in a different cabinet near the stove (and boiling water.) Seasonings and Spices live over there as well.

What happened here is something that is common for many people - person doesn't know what they have and makes duplicate purchases. My client and her husband have recently committed to making healthier choices and re-organizing this pantry is going to go a long way to making healthy meal options so much easier. It also saved her a tremendous amount of money. When I went in the next week, my client told me that she saved $150 on her next grocery trip due to our organizing her pantry and tips I gave her through the process.

Total time: 5 hours.

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