Organizing Benefit: Quick and Easy Travel


Yeah...I'm the girl who lays everything out at a hotel, even if I'm staying for just the weekend.

And no, this isn't specifically staged for your benefit. I got settled into my room then realized, "I should take a picture to prove I do practice what I preach." Of course, anyone I've ever travelled with can confirm.

So where am I going with this?

A major benefit to being organized is quick and easy travel packing. This time of year, many people are setting off on trips. Long or short, eking in the last of summer before the kids go back to school or just trying to escape the heat and reality. Being organized makes it easier to pack, especially for last-minute excursions. How so?

  • You can mentally walk through your morning/evening routine, putting everything in your travel bag as you go. This helps with the "Did I remember my XYZ?" anxiety.
  • "Moving in" to the hotel makes it easier and quicker to get ready while you're travelling. It also helps you feel more settled so you can focus on relaxing and soaking up as much of your vacation as you can.
  • It's easy to re-pack when it's time to go without worrying that you've left something behind.
  • When you get home, unpacking is a cinch since everything has its place where it lives. This reason is HUGE. I have many clients that don't unpack quickly and they end up continuing to live out of the suitcase for months. Or just leaving stuff in there and not being able to find it when they need it. There is absolutely no need for that.

When you have an organized space and lead a more organized life, the hassles of packing become easier. (I'll follow up for frequent travelers next Monday.)

Need help getting your home in order so that you can have this easier travel experience? Contact me today.