Frequent Traveler Tips

Last Monday, I talked about the benefits of being organized when you're travelling. Today, I'll give you some of the tips I've set up with my clients that are frequent travellers.

  • Have two of all your toiletries with one set permanently packed up and ready to go. Ladies, have a second set of makeup to go with this as well.
  • Dedicate a drawer to all of your travel sized goodies - organized by type of course.
  • If you swap out closets, keep some of your favorite out of season items handy for travelling to different climates. I couldn't find the video, but a while back Good Morning America did a quick piece on the travel closet of their weatherman, Sam Champion. Since he takes off at a moment's notice for extreme weather, he had several packed suitcases - each dedicated to a different climate. (Snow, rain, etc.) It was a small closet but very well organized so he can blow town easily when needed.
  • Speaking of the travel closet, keep all travel related items in one area - suitcases, carryalls, hanging bags, etc.

Some of my clients have multiple homes that they travel to frequently. In these situations, we've set up landing stations dedicated to each home. When something needs to be taken to another home, it lives at that particular landing station until the next time you travel to that home. This makes it much easier to remember what you need to take to your other homes, as well as keeping the items from cluttering up the home its temporarily hanging out at.

I know quite a few of you are frequent travellers. What do you do to make it easier?