Food Geek Friday: Booze and Ice Cream

While there was an ever so brief respite from the heat last week, it managed to come back quite quickly. So with the knowledge that A) I like to get my desserts and fruit drunk and B) nobody really wants to cook in the heat, today's "recipe" isn't even a recipe. It's just booze and ice cream.

My fondness of this particular combination started years ago. This restaurant that has long since closed had the perfect dessert. I believe they called it the Chocolate Cow or something equally ridiculous. It was the simple combination of Blue Bell vanilla with Godiva chocolate liqueur poured over the top.

Perfection. I really liked how the bite of the booze cut the creaminess of the ice cream.

So all you need to do is chose your favorite ice cream and liquor combinations. I like bourbon or brandy with chocolate (which is usually my ice cream choice - Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie with a splash of bourbon is fantastic). I also love the combo of champagne with sorbet. Target brand's blueberry lavender sorbet is a fantastic choice.

With all the great liquors and ice cream choices, the possibilities are endless. What combination would you choose?