Quick Tip: Gift Wrap Station

Today's quick tip comes courtesy of an office/craft room that I've been working on. The room isn't finished yet, but I couldn't help but sneak preview this gift wrapping area we set up. All you need is some empty space in a spare closet and an over the door rack.

First, gather up all of your gift wrapping items. Then sort everything out by type - boxes, tissue paper, gift bags, ribbons, so on and so forth. Then, we arranged everything out within this space.

  1. I started with the gift wrap since it was the largest container and put it in the back corner of the closet.
  2. A small box of gift tags/bobbles went into a container and sat on top of the gift wrap. Other gift tag bobbles went into the top bin of the closet rack. As the client uses the bobbles from the rack, she'll move the others to the rack and then limit amount of gift tags/bobbles to the amount that will fit in that space.
  3. My client and I sorted through a bunch of gift bags and sorted them by type and then by size. They all went into a sturdy milk crate that is in the closet in front of the gift wrap. (unseen in this photo.)
  4. I sorted boxes by size and then fit them into the lowest bin on the closet rack.
  5. We placed all the neatly folded tissue paper into a magazine file and that went into the next bin along with raffia so that this is now the gift filler bin.
  6. Next, I grabbed the taller bolts - tulle - and placed them underneath the gift tag bobbles.
  7. We sorted the ribbons into what would a) fit into the bin and b) wasn't too wide for the ribbon to fit through the wire slots. Then, I arranged the ribbons into the color wheel (yeah, yeah, yeah...I know...OCD much?), placed the spool so it would roll under and ran the ribbons through the wires in the bin.
  8. Extra ribbons that didn't fit in the bin were placed into a plastic bin and are set next to the gift bag crate. Boxes that don't fold down are tucked behind it. 

Now, my client can wrap gifts quickly and easily. She even has extra gifts on the shelf above the gift wrap area in case she needs something on the fly. She already had the containers and door rack, so the entire hands on time to sort and replace was about an hour.

Do you have a lot of gift wrapping supplies? Set up a mini-station and see how much easier your future gift wrapping becomes.