Disorganization and Clutter Knows No Tax Bracket

Clutter often thought of as an affliction of the poor. After all, many examples we see on television are people who are poor or use lack of money as an excuse. However, this is oh so not the case.

Disorganization and clutter knows no tax bracket. My clients come from all types of economic backgrounds. I've dug through Payless to Prada. The reasons behind the clutter are different but income doesn't necessarily have anything to do with it.

If you're exceedingly cluttered, do not be embarrassed and do not think you only have the problem because you're "poor."

Clutter is a problem of habit and beliefs about things. Change the habit and beliefs; change your situation.

You may also find that as you let go of the stuff, more life is allowed into the space cleared - and that's a major benefit no matter what your tax bracket.