Too Many Projects Have You Paralyzed?

I read a great number of blogs of all types for inspiration. The other day, one of the blogs I read posted about how they have this house full of half-done projects and now money is running tight so they're starting a bunch of free projects.

Ladies and gents, this is how you can easily go from being in a state of basic chaos to paralytic overwhelm.

Sound a bit dramatic? Perhaps. However, considering almost every person that calls for my help is usually in a frantic state and to the point that the overwhelm has paralyzed them from being able to make a decision, I'm cool with bordering on the dramatic.

This is actually something I see all the time with my creative folks. (The ADD ones too.) Luckily, it's easily remedied.

Don't start a new project until you've finished the last one.

OK...easier said than done, but not really. You have to retrain yourself to not multitask in favor of singular focus on tasks. After all, you know what multitasking really is. Right?


Multi-tasking is half-assing a whole bunch of things in the same amount of time as you could do one thing really well.

And who wants mediocre? Especially if it's staring you down in your own house!

Had this blogger finished each project before starting a new one, they wouldn't be in a  house full of half-done things. They could have just as easily made a list of everything they wanted to do and worked on projects start to finish as their budget allows.

So what do you do once you're in the situation of many half-done projects?

  1. Start by making a list of everything that needs to be finished. This gets it down on paper and out of your head.
  2. Determine what of this list you really WANT to do and also what is most important. Take care of these items first.
  3. What can be delegated or hired out? Do it. The money is probably far less than the time wasted either in your mind about doing/not doing it or doing it yourself but poorly and needing to hire out after all. If you're not a DIY person, that's perfectly OK and nothing to feel bad about. I'm not a DIY girl by any means. I personally love the saying, "Throw some money at the problem and make it go away."
  4. So now the remaining items on the list are things you don't want to do or aren't that important. You know what you can do here? Let it all go away, guilt free. Is it something someone else can use? Donate it. Otherwise recycle or trash it and don't worry about it ever again.

If you're in a budget crunch, then order the list from most important to least and plan it out with your budget. This way you've now got a game plan and it doesn't have to take up precious space in your brain.

So recap for today - Don't start a bunch of projects at the same time. Start and complete each project before moving on to the next. Make a list of everything that needs to be done - pick out what is truly important and what you want done, let go of the rest. Don't want to do it yourself? Hire someone else who will want to do it. Finally, take your list of needs and wants and prioritize it in order of most to least urgent to complete.

Utilizing these steps will help prevent multiple projects from cluttering your home as well as prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with too much to deal with and think about.

Need help determining the truly need-to-dos from the rest? Contact me at to get started today.