Car Trunk Organization

Not too long ago, I went to an outdoor show with a good friend of mine. Once we got to the location, we look around and realize we should have brought a blanket. "No prob. I've got one in my trunk," I say.

We head back out to my trunk and when I open it, my friend sees this.

He immediately starts laughing and says, "Of cooooourse your trunk is perfectly organized."

Trunk organizers are fantastic for keeping everything in place instead of flying around in your trunk. I like this one because it has an open side for taller items:

Yes, the jumper cables have been used. You mean everybody doesn't roll them back up and replace them in the packaging like when it was first bought?

The zippered compartment holds my smaller items: blanket, air pump and tiny, tool kit.

You guessed it, the blanket gets the same precisely rolled up re-packaging that the jumper cables do. When my friend refolded the blanket at the end of the show, he said, "I don't know why I'm doing this. I'm sure you'll wash and refold it."

He was right.

This particular organizer also opens up to hold bags in place, but I never use that function.

How is your trunk looking these days? If you don't like it, take stock of what you need to keep back there and then find yourself a trunk organizer that fits those needs. You can find them at most places that sell car supplies.