Food Geek Friday: Ted Talks on Real Food

I always try not to get too preachy about this, but anyone I've ever ended up talking to real food about quickly discovers that it's my hot button, soapbox and something I'm very passionate about.

  • I believe that every. single. person. on the planet deserves the access to REAL food. Untampered with. Not genetically modified. Raised in the manner in which it was intended. I also believe we should be told what has or hasn't happened to our food.
  • I believe that if you don't spend your money on real food then you'll spent that "saved" money on a doctor and medication.
  • I believe that our food can either kill us or cure us.

Speaking of our food killing or curing us, the following video kept coming in front of me so often I had to make the time to watch it. Robin Obrien has done some amazing research that she presents in this talk. It is worth every. single. second of the 18 minutes it is. You owe it to yourself, your health and wellbeing and your family to watch this.


Don't have 18 minutes? Take 5 to hear this little boy, Birke Baehr, speak in such a succinct and passionate way about what is wrong with the food system. My two favorite lines - "You can pay the farmers or you can pay the hospitals." and "Don't eat sparkly cereal." We all know how much I love some sparkle, but in my cereal is too much.


The more I read, see and learn, the more my beliefs are strengthened. Unfortunately, once you've seen it you can't "unsee" it. It's easy to get discouraged and feel helpless. However, I also believe that every little bit helps and if we each do just a little bit, eventually we can make gianormous waves. I'm far from perfect in my eating. I too get tired and don't want to cook, or didn't have time to go to the grocery store or just flat-out don't want to make the better decision. However, with each passing day and every bit of information I learn, I make better choices. I develop a little more resolve and willpower. I find the energy to make the better choices. I also notice how much better I feel after eating real food and that helps spur me on.

What one thing will you do this week to support eating real food?