Here is a Key Phrase to Help You Stay Organized.

"I commit to seeing things through to the very end."

Note - the VERY end. This is where most people get hitched up.

I started giving this as a mantra to quite a few of my clients when I saw that their biggest problem was not seeing things through to the end. I had a few younger ladies that didn't shut cabinet doors. It was the strangest thing. I asked what was so hard about shutting the door. No real reason, just didn't do it.

Obviously, I had to nip that crap in the bud. I remember how excited one client was when I came over and she said, "Look! All my cabinet doors are shut!"

Yes, I cheered like a school girl. It was an awesome step towards seeing things through to the very end. When this happens, regularly, over and over again, you get and stay organized.

The KEY to staying organized is that once everything has the home it lives in, it has to stay there. So when you use something, you have to put it back. When you purchase something, you have to give it a home where it will live. Throw away the packaging. Then when you use it, you have to put it back. When you start a project, finish it, then do something with the remaining supplies. Shut the cabinet door.

When you're getting organized and trying to change ingrained habits to help you stay organized, it's challenging to commit to the very end. You get tired, overwhelmed or just plain over it. Remember your goals and stick to it. You'll get there.