Organization Project: Office/Craft Room

I recently got to spend a fun afternoon working in the home office/craft room with Carleen of Charm Me Photography. Her newborn photos are just DARLING! And considering I'm not that totally kid friendly, that's really saying something. Check out some samples here. Carleen's office wasn't in that bad of shape; it just went awry over time and she needed some fresh perspective.

Before (her photographs have been blurred because we don't have permission from her clients to use them in my photographs) :

As Carleen walked me through the room, I saw that most things were well sorted, they just needed to be purged and some items needed to find new homes. We started in one corner and worked our way around the room, removing the items that either A) didn't suit the purpose of this room or B) was going to be donated, recycled or trashed. From there, I did a little tweaking and rearranging and we ended up with our after:

This is now an open and comfortable spot for Carleen's clients to sit and look through her samples while she discusses how she can make them and their baby look fabulous. (The curio cabinet in the corner will be leaving, it was just too heavy for us to move on our own.)

With a nice, cleared off desk, it's easier for Carleen to find what she needs, when she needs it. It's also a nice space to be in when she meets with clients. We put the built-in bookshelf to better use by housing trade show supplies in the bag she carries them in at the top with books in the shelf underneath. Then we have her packaging supplies neatly contained in the bin on the next shelf down, followed by more supplies and larger boxes are at the bottom along with her photography equipment.

With all the things she didn't need out of the way, we were now able to move one of the storage drawers to the outside of the table, making sure that items on that bottom shelf were least used so the drawers aren't too in the way of access. All of her craft and scrapbooking supplies are in the bookshelf on the left. Now, this is a clear place to craft and all Carleen has to do is roll her desk chair over.

All of the music equipment found a new home in the house since this area is now just for business and crafting. We also pulled some of the photos. The best part here is under that satin cloth - her office supplies! It's a small bookshelf that we arranged each set of surplus supplies by type. Since it's the extras, you don't need to get into that often and it's the perfect solution for taking something potentially ugly and turning it into a nice display. (Ignore the items in the lower left corner, that was all stuff going away.)

Total time - Only 2 1/2 hours! By far my quickest office makeover. What made this turn around so quickly was that Carleen was already well sorted. The main thing she needed was some help determining what should go and some creative solutions for what stayed.

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