Quick Tip: Idea of vs. Reality

Do you have either a number of unfinished projects or a lot of a certain item? Here's how to determine if you should let go of them or not. Do these things represent your reality or the idea of a reality that you want to create?


  • You have a lot of beading to make jewelry, but you don't actually make jewelry or haven't in years. Do you actually want to make jewelry or do you like the idea of being a person that makes jewelry. (See this often with all types of crafts projects.)
  • You're at the grocery store and come across the tea aisle. You have this vision of you sitting down and relaxing with a nice cup of tea so you purchase a box. Of course, when you get home you see ten other unopened boxes and realize that you have this idea all the time but have yet to actually do it. (Happens a lot with my mommy clients.)

If you have these unfinished projects because you're really going to do them, then do them. If it's because you like the idea of being a person that does that, then it's OK to let these things go guilt free. If you want to become that person instead of the idea, give yourself a deadline and take action.

You may find you love it. You may find that you don't dig it after all. If you come to your deadline and haven't taken action, then you know it didn't really matter. No matter what the end conclusion is, you'll know definitively and will have either used up the items, finished projects or can get let go of the clutter, guilt free.