Organization Project: Utility Cabinet

Small, out of the way cabinets can often see the same fate as a junk drawer or the garage - no goal/set homes means it's where everything goes until "later." The great thing about these types of cabinets, however, is that you when you tackle them, they make a real difference. After all, you've most likely been quietly berating yourself every time you open the door. Mind chatter can really suck.

Admittedly, I don't always get to work on these cabinets with clients since there's usually much bigger clutter issues to tackle. However as we worked through this client's kitchen, I knew I needed to get this closet in order to house some random things we came across in junk drawers.

You only get one junk drawer and she'd exceeded her limit.

Not now though...we nipped that in the bud.

So we needed space that was relatively close since this is where most of the home activity happens, but in a more appropriate location then where the cooking happens.

Enter the utility cabinet:

Since this client is now well familiar with the drill, she emptied the cabinet, sorted like with like and purged what she didn't need, use or love before I arrived. She also purchased some great bins that fit into the space. When I arrived at her home, my client went over what everything was and then we got to work further sorting down - battery by type, light bulbs by type etc. - and fitting things into the bins.

Light bulb packages don't fit how I want them to? No problem. I just trimmed some off the sides to wedge them in perfectly.

Then, it was time to put everything back in:

Starting at the bottom, we have our doggie products. Next shelf up is a bin of flashlights and a bin of adhesives. Next is a bin housing the batteries (separated by type in Ziplock bags) and the start of the light bulbs which take up the final two rows.

Yes, I told her she wasn't allowed to buy any more light bulbs for a while. I had to readjust all the shelves to make it work.

I love adjustable shelving. If a client has adjustable shelving, I've probably changed it up.

The only thing left to do is for my client to make labels that will tie on to the soft-sided bins making it even easier to find exactly what the family needs, when they need it.

Total hands on time: 1 hour.

How are your cabinets? If one (or more) have gone awry, tackle one today. (Or this weekend, but do it soon.)

Overwhelmed by the thought of it all? Contact me today.