Quick Tip: Cord Discord

I say it's a quick tip. It may not be depending on how plugged in you are. Do you have a bag, box or drawer with all the random electronic cords and whatnot that modern life throws at us?

Take some time today to separate everybody out. Match up the cords with their corresponding equipment and neatly wrap and label them. Throw away anything that you no longer have the equipment for. If you're unsure, toss it in a Ziploc bag and label it with an expiration date for a year out. If you get something out of the bag, store it with other electronics when you're done with it. When the expiration date comes, toss everything out guilt free.

When you get new electronics in, label the cords and determine where it will live the moment you bring it home and start using it. You will save yourself TONS of time and stress later on when you need to find the cord for that camera, iPod, iPad, laptop, cell phone, whathaveyou.

What is your favorite cord organization tip?