Benefit: No More Wasted Time

[youtube=] In the above clip from "The Tudors," it is late in King Henry VIII's life and he asks Charles Brandon what loss you can never get back.

The answer?


No matter who you are, where you come from or what you do or do not have, time does not discriminate. We all get EXACTLY the same amount.

24 hours a day.

It can't be taken away.

It can't be granted.

This essentially means that the ultimate disrespect you can show someone is to waste their time.

In my experience, I've found that when people are late, it is because they don't care. Now before you call me out as heartless, know that I speak from great experience. I was chronically late through my 20s. Usually because I didn't want to be somewhere or - frankly - didn't care. I know a great many people that are chronically late. I can guarantee you that whether they admit it or not, they don't care about what they're showing up for.

What I mean here is that they don't care about something - the reason for appearing be it an event or meeting. Maybe it's even you. Essentially, they care about something else more and that is why they're late. Perhaps it's an emergency. Perhaps they're chronically late which, in many cases, it's that they just put themselves above any and all else. Maybe they have to be the center of attention and being late gets it.

It's like those kids that acted up in grade school. It wasn't necessarily the type of attention they cared about but rather just making sure they got some. I can think of quite a few people that fall into this category.

I bet you can too. We all know at least one.

Obviously, I no longer late to most things. (I'm often attending multiple events in a night and carefully time it to make them all. Sometimes my careful planning goes awry.) Needless to say, after 15 years in events and needing things to run like precise clockwork, I got my act together. I also like to think that I'm far less selfish than I was through my 20s.  It's to the point now that I've had a number of clients comment on my precise timing and laugh when I apologize profusely for being 2 minutes late.


Now I care.

I care about others because I am acutely aware of how precious mine and everyone else's time is. I don't want to waste it or mindlessly piss it away.

So where am I going with all this???

There is another possibility. Many disorganized people do care, but are late because they can't find what they need, when they need it. They have difficulty keeping their schedules straight. Remembering appointments is a challenge. However, when you are organized, you use your own time more wisely. You are able to get ready quickly and be places on time, showing that you respect your own appointments and the time of others as well as your own time.

Get your act together. Respect the time of others and yourself by getting yourself organized. It's all you get and it's your active choice.

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