Food Geek Friday: Apple of Santa's Eye

A bartender friend of mine helped me create this deceptively naughty drink for an annual party an old event client throws. It's great for an event because it is super-easy to mix up in large batches. It’s a cinnamony apple drink we named ”The Apple of Santa’s Eye.” Feel free to rename it to go along with the theme of your party.

The Apple of Santa’s Eye

  • 1 part vodka (Monopolova is my favorite.)
  • 1 part apple pucker
  • Splash of Hot Damn!

Pour ingredients over ice and serve. If making a large batch, pour all the ingredients into a pitcher and then pour into ice filled glasses. Each ingredient can be adjusted to flavor preference – more apple to taste less strong, more Hot Damn for cinnamon. (Be careful when pouring the Hot Damn - it can give it some bite.)

Disclaimer: this cocktail is deceptively strong. Drink responsibly.  DUIs, DWIs and car wrecks aren’t fabulous.