Snowballs Happen...Don't Let it Avalanche

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fabulous holiday season!!

If you are like many others out there, this time of year brings your thoughts to organization. Many have probably received fun new things that now need homes. The holidays may have amplified how out of sorts your home is and how much easier your life would be if your home was clutter free and organized. Today, I'll give you one of the most helpful tips to make sure you don't get derailed:

Be prepared for a snowball of need-to-dos.

Getting new items or the organizing process in general can easily create a snowball effect. It's important to not let it avalanche. Just expect that unexpected things will arise (like missing an important tool for a handy-dandy project) and know that you should act on these things immediately.

Make a list to prevent accompanying brain clutter.

Remember, putting these extras off for "later" almost always comes back to bite you in the butt and create clutter.

And we'll have none of that!