Talk to Me Tuesday: If You Only Do One Thing

Welcome to the first installment of Talk to Me Tuesday! My clients (family/friends/strangers) always ask for my advice and recommendations on much more than just organizing. And the way I've seen it, if one has a question, I'm sure many do. Here's where I'll share these tips and answers with you! Today, I want to start with something I'm most asked. If I could only tell you to do one thing, what is it?

The answer is simple: Take action!

Dreaming, hoping, wishing, even plotting and planning will only get you so far. After too long, they just become procrastination! If there's something you want to accomplish, you MUST take action to make it happen.

Want to make new friends or find a significant other? Well it's not going to happen while you're sitting around at home. Get out of the house. Go somewhere you enjoy and you'll most likely meet others that enjoy the same thing. Common interests to talk about...Ta Da!

(Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm familiar with the fact you can meet people over the interwebs. SO not the same.)

Want to lose weight or get healthier? Don't just plan out a diet and exercise routine. Do it. Put down the fries in exchange for some roasted cauliflower. (Delish by the way.) Go for a walk around the block. Do something, anything, that gets you moving and exchanging less than splendid foods for more nutritionally dense ones.

Want to get organized? Don't just lament about how you don't know where to start. Set a timer for 5 minutes and start throwing out what no longer serves you until you hear the ding. Clearing space is visually and emotionally freeing. (Not to mention that when you get rid of what doesn't serve you, you'll have the space to place, take care of and honor those things that do.)

As we all know, I'm a HUGE fan of planning things through and creating lists. But  these will get you absolutely NOWHERE if you don't take action. It doesn't have to be much, but it does have to be something.

So...what one thing can you take action on today to help move you forward towards your goals?

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