Makeover: Holiday Decorations Closet

Holiday Closet

Today I'm bringing you the story behind a holiday decorations closet I did just before Thanksgiving. If you follow my Twitter, you saw these photos as it happened. I hope today's post inspires you to put away your own holiday decorations in an organized way. My client does the majority of her decorating in the fall and was tired of struggling to find what she needed within the closet. We'd been slogging through paperwork and memories in other rooms of her house for a while so when my client asked if we could break to get this closet better organized for the holidays, I knew something quick and fun was exactly what was needed.


My client opens up the doors to this closet and says, "I want this to look like the other closets on your blog."

"No problem!" I replied and we got to work emptying and sorting everything according to occassion, disposable partyware and candles.

When I say everything goes, I mean it!

Once it was all out, we went through and purged or gave away anything that was no longer in good condition or enjoyed. Then I set about the task of putting everything back.

I started with the disposables. There was a LOT. I told my client that she's not allowed to buy any more.


Or at least, not until almost all of this is gone.

Of course, she won't need to since they're easy to find now. They're arranged at eye level (again, easier to find) from left to right: cups - solid color order then patterns by occassion. Plates by size and solid colors, then size and occassions. Napkins by solid colors then occassions. Plastic ware by color.

In the lower right corner on the floor are all of her Christmas dishes and above is the start to the Christmas row.

Now you can see that the Christmas row has been finished. I absolutely LOVE her snowman cookie jar! Above Christmas, starting on the left is Halloween and then other miscellaneous fall decor.

There's also some St. Patty's day for good measure. (Leprechaun on a Shelf anyone? I'd say he's more mischievous than the Elf of a Shelf, but I don't know...I saw some real pranksters out there.)

Finally the top shelf - all candles and candle paraphernalia. We discovered candles that hadn't seen the light of day in who knows how long! A BUNCH of these went out the door or to someone else. Total time: 5 hours