Makeover: Living Room in a Flash

This post is brought to you by the letter "P" for "party." This particular client came to me because she would be hosting a house guest as well as throwing a party with said house guest so we were in a time crunch. Instead of my usual M.O. of a thorough sort and purge first, I went with a "make-it-work" style of rearranging and styling the room instead. The biggest problems in this room were the current placement of things as well as lacking the necessary storage for books and media.


First things first, I determined what the new layout of the room would be. The next step was to come up with a good hold-over solution until proper media and book  storage would be purchased. (sometime after the party) Since this client is a fun and fresh girl in her twenties, I was able to play around the edges of convention.


We started by clearing off the coffee table and creating a seating area with the mismatched furniture. Next, we created a book tree in one corner of the room.

And lined up a book pyramid on the opposite wall for balance. We also lined up all of her VHS (yes, she still has them as well as a working VHS player!) and DVDs along the wall on either side of the TV.

The large painting went into the corner because it wouldn't hang straight.

What makes this all work is that the books and movies are placed on purpose. You can't just throw these things around. However, when you carefully line everything up in a neat arrangement, you can own it and make it work. Then later on, my client can purchase media storage that fits in with her style and arrange books by genre, so on and so forth. The great thing here is that she has something that works for her, so she can wait until she finds the right piece to spend her money on instead of wasting money and space on "good enough."

Afterwards, my client told me how much she now enjoys spending time in her living room. She especially likes writing while sitting in her butterfly chair first thing in the morning. This makes us both very happy.

Total hands on time: 2 1/2 hours.

Don't have time for a full overhaul? Can you creatively place things until the right storage comes along? Remember, do it with purpose, unapologetically own it and you can make it work for you.