Makeover: Pantry

In this pantry I didn't follow my usual remove EVERYTHING first mantra. Why?

The client was having a party in her home the next day and I didn't know if we'd have time to finish. I definitely didn't want to leave her in a hot mess if we ran out of time.

A big key to getting organized is knowing your time limits and setting realistic expectations. Most of the time, makeovers take longer than you expect.

Luckily, we finished this one in time. It helped that much of her food was already sorted. It was just a matter of fine tuning and weeding out the expired. So let's get on with it!


As you can see, it really isn't too much of a hot mess in there. Much of it was sorted into categories and the placement according to use was pretty good. I just tweaked things a little.

I started with the top shelf and removed anything that didn't belong with baking items, as well as expired foods. Once that shelf was finished, I worked my way down, shelf by shelf. My client took care of the door rack before I arrived so other than a couple of fine adjustments, it was good.


As you can see, tiny tweaks can make a large difference. I know my client felt it the next time she went to cook.

Total hands on time: 2 hours.

Don't have time to pull *everything* out of your pantry to get it organized? Take it a shelf at a time. Just don't go too long between working on shelves or you'll lose your momentum and the shelves you fixed won't stick.