Things I Love Thursday: Pinterest

I’m always asked where I find my inspiration for ideas and about other products and things that I love. On Thursdays, I’ll share these things with you.

I've mentioned my love for Pinterest before...but it bears repeating. I get so many great ideas for fashion, food, crafts (even though I'm not crafty) and many other topics. I've also found especially great organizing ideas through Pinterest and had many others that have sprang from the inspiration.

What I especially love about Pinterest is that I can follow my clients and really get to know what they love. One day I had a client that wasn't sure about a particular object. I took one look and said, "You don't like it. I've seen your Pinterest and that is SO not your style." She quickly agreed and was able to let go quickly and guilt-free.

It is an addictive website, so you definitely have to watch out that it doesn't become a major time suck. You also want to watch out for getting so many ideas that you never have the time to implement any of them and then never take action. But other than that, have at it!

Are you on Pinterest? If so, follow me. I'd love to see what you're pinning.