Hey Red! Samples Follow Up.

My clients (family/friends/strangers) always ask for my advice and recommendations on much more than just organizing. And the way I’ve seen it, if one has a question, I’m sure many do. Here’s where I’ll share these tips and answers with you!

Hey Red! Samples Follow Up.

Last week I posted a question about how to organize stationery/invitation samples. This week, I have her results.

"It’s working well so far – as I get new jobs in from the printers, it has been quick & easy to drop them into a sleeve and put them with the others, and when I’ve needed to reference an old sample, I must say, it is much easier to find them than sifting through a box. Plus, I found loads of envelope samples I didn’t know I had, which are now all in another place together. My only challenge is that I need more binders. Many of my jobs have multiple pieces — invitation, RSVP card, info card, program, possibly a menu, place card, etc. so the sheet protectors don’t exactly lay flat, as you can see. I was only able to fit about 20 wedding jobs in one 3” binder. But binders containing my non-wedding jobs will probably hold a LOT more. :)

Thanks so much!"

After I recieved this, we talked about taping the multiple pieces to a piece of paper so it would lay flat. She'd thought about it but sometimes refers to them individually so is holding off on that step. Since everything is so easy to get to now, that is just a minor thing that doesn't really bother her. If you're not bothered, then it's just dandy as is!

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