Hey Red! I'm Moving. Help!

My clients (family/friends/strangers) always ask for my advice and recommendations on much more than just organizing. And the way I’ve seen it, if one has a question, I’m sure many do. Here’s where I’ll share these tips and answers with you!

Hey Red! I'm Moving. Help!

So the conversation started on Twitter...and it went a little something like this.

I don't know a single person who actually likes to move. We may like leaving a bad home. We may love having a new home. But I don't know anyone that actually enjoys the in-between stage.

There's a reason why moving is one of the major stressors - along with financial difficulty and DEATH of someone close - on the list of things that age you or are harmful to your well-being. It really, really sucks.

So how do we make this easier?

Letting go.

Now, more than ever, my "need, use, love" rule comes in so handy. If you do not need, use or luuuurve something, why in the heck do you want to lug it around with you like a nomad on your way to the new home?

So don't.

You can work this one of two ways:

  • Working one room at a time, one area at a time, sort like items together. Remove anything that you no longer need, use, and love. Put the items that you DO need, use, and love in a box together and label it by what it is and what room it will live in. Send the rest to donations, recycling or the trash.


  • Starting in one corner of the room, move in a very methodical fashion around the room touching every. single. object and then determining if you will keep it or toss it. Get everything you're tossing out of the house. Then, sort like with like, boxing like items together and labeling the box by what is in it and what room it will belong in.

Either option you choose, continue area by area, room by room until you're done. RESIST the urge to throw it all in for later. It's a strong one, but you'll thank me for this. I've worked with a lot of clients that have had unpacked boxes for years. You're going to have to suck it up and make the decisions eventually so rip off the band-aid and do it now. We both know that "later" doesn't really exist anyway and think of how good it will feel to unpack knowing that everything you've brought with you is something you need, use and lurrrrrve.

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