Things I Love Thursday: ScanSnap

Every so often I get asked what my opinion is on the different scanning devices that say they're there to help you organize. I typically don't give an opinion because I've never used one. Quite frankly, I find that most items billed to organize for you are just crutches that don't really work. After all, while certain products make the organization process easier, only you can organize yourself. It's like working out. There are plenty of items out there that will help you get in shape, but nothing can do it for you if you're still on the couch.

I digress...

A client of mine has the ScanSnap. Together, we've been going through boxes and boxes of papers and other mementos and turning his home office paperless. This little device really did make scanning a snap. My client went through the stacks of paper, either making a stack for me to scan or recycling/shredding himself.

As I scanned, the machine quickly scanned both sides of the paper and pulled it up onto the computer. From there, I could create "cabinets" and "files" for the "cabinets."

The cabinets even had a little file cabinet as the icon.

As I scanned more and more documents, it was easy to organically divide larger categories of cabinets - such as home, medical and pets - and smaller categories for the files. I.e. - under medical there was a file for each member of the household and files for each member for dental, eye, etc.

I was impressed with how easy and quickly I was able to get through stacks of paper. I also liked how it was fairly intuitively set up.

It's not like I actually read the directions or anything. Matter of fact, I'm not sure we know where the directions are!

Unlike other devices out there, this one is also great for photos, news clippings and pretty much anything flat that you want to scan.

Needless to say, I loved it.

My client loved it.

If you've got a lot to scan on a regular basis and scan often, I recommend this product. I only used it for a limited amount of time over the course of one afternoon, but I was really impressed with it. Others on the market say they "think" and then categorize for you. That's something that's always made me a little uneasy. I want to categorize and organize my receipts and other paperwork for myself. This allows you to do so.

Do you have the ScanSoft or one of the other scanning devices out there? If so, what do you think?

(FYI...I was not paid to review or given anything. A client just happened to have one and I liked it enough to share with you.)