Organizer Confessional

Sales tags as labels I have a confession to make.

Something that regularly draws the reaction of shock when a client (or anyone else for that matter) hears it.

I hate label makers.

Yep. Hate them.

It boils down to pretty much one thing...I'm a font nerd and labels made from these things are ugly.

Now don't misunderstand - I'm all about labeling. I recommend it to my clients and anyone that will forget what is behind a door/in a box/in a basket/etc.

But standard, label-maker made labels are UH-GLY.

With a capital "UGH."

If you need labels, buy pretty ones and either print off of the computer with a nice font or hand-write them in. (Enlist a friend if your writing is more "doctor-scrawl.) Heck, I'm all about using some post-its as labels and handwriting over the generic label maker. The main objective is to keep it a consistent look that is easy on the eye so you'll enjoy seeing and using your things.

What is your favorite labeling solution?