Makeover: Pantry

I love this corner pantry because it shows you how much easier it is to operate with just a few tweaks. Overall, this pantry was in fairly good just needed a little love. We didn't even have to empty out the entire pantry - just the middle three shelves.


Pantry BeforeWe started by emptying the top three shelves you see in this picture. (The very top shelf you can't see in this photo was already well managed.) As we emptied, we sorted all the foods like with like.

Next, I checked all the foods for expired dates. While I did this, my client did some expiration checking and re-ordering of the foods/condiments on the bottom shelf. (As with the very top, the items on the floor were fine and didn't need any tweaking.)

Once everything was sorted and checked for freshness, I got to work putting it back.


Pantry AfterI started by putting the foods that will compose the majority of my client's meals at eye level as she walks into the closet - second shelf down, right hand side. Underneath that are the other canned goods. Then we put in the breakfast goods - second shelf right hand side. Above that went all of her baking goods. She doesn't bake often and works on avoiding sweets so we put this up higher and out of direct eye shot. We put a lot of the smaller items on a lazy susan in the corner. (Great solution so nothing gets lost!) Since she doesn't bake often, we also put the baking utensils in here so they don't take up precious real estate on the counters. Beverages and meal planning "extras" go beneath the breakfasts and condiments are on the bottom-most shelf.

You may notice a big, gaping hole on the upper right hand side. When we got started, one of my client's goals was for her cookbooks to have a place to live in this pantry. That is where they will go.

Pantry - Before/AfterToday is a great example of a pantry that worked fairly well, but with a few tweaks is now functioning even better.

Total hands on time: 2 hours.