London Closets Falling Down

Well...not exactly. More like North Texas closets falling down but that's just not as catchy.

This is not the first time I've come across a fallen closet either.

Happens all. the. time.

We forget that our rods and shelves in the closet have a finite amount of weight that they can hold. Not to mention the natural deterioration that happens with time.

This particular closet wasn't disorganized before everything came off the wall. Matter of fact, I'd just been in it the week prior to this happening. There was a lot packed into this closet, but technically it all worked. Many things had been let go of. Everything had a place. Things were stored neatly in labeled bins. My client could find what she needed, when she needed it.

There was just a lot of it.

My client knew she needed to purge more, but was just giving herself a little break. (Something I recommend...there's only so much focus a person has. After that, it's no longer an effective use of your time.)

Unfortunately, after 12 years of hanging out in the wall the rod/shelf unit decided it didn't want to comply.

The great thing about this closet already being organized was that instead of being a raging pain in the toucas to fix, it was more of a mild pain and annoyance.

These little things go a long way in the frustration and stress department.

The fix here was a multi-pronged approach: purge more clothing, adding in an extra shelf above the existing one for storage bins (purchased but not installed when this photo was taken) as well as extra support for the main rod/shelf.

So remember - just because it fits, doesn't always mean it works. Closet shelving and rods - like all shelving and support storage systems - has a finite weight limit. Things deteriorate over time. Help prevent this from happening by purging what no longer serves you. If you've got high ceilings in your closet like this one, put in extra shelving for long-term storage instead of stacking multiple bins. This not only disperses the weight load, but it also makes it easier to get to all of your bins.

Most importantly, if your closet does fall down and go boom, do like this client did and fix it as quickly as possible. No matter what, it's a pain and a hassle. By facing it quickly, you'll at least save yourself a LOT of frustration when trying to get ready in the morning.

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