Clothing Organization for the Little People

This week we've been talking closets and clothes. Today I want to talk about clothing for the little people. And I don't mean midgets.

Organizing children's clothes - particularly for the really young - presents its own set of challenges. If it's not a onesie, then it's usually a full outfit. For adults, I always recommend keeping separates separate because it helps you expand your wardrobe exponentially. However, if you've got a little one in the middle of a messy meltdown or are trying to get your child dressed in a hurry before having to chase naked baby around the house again, you need quicker solutions. The last thing you need to have to think about is which bottoms go to which tops.

Sleep deprivation makes that more difficult anyway.

Then, we have the sizing issue. Tiny clothes create a LOT of dead space in regular sized closets.

I recently worked with a little girl's dresser and here's how we got it all set up to make things infinitely easier for Mom:

First, we pulled everything out and separated the clothing into categories:

  • Dresses - separated by sleeve length. Matching bloomers (if any were placed on top)
  • Onesies and specific outfits
  • Tops (many dresses that had become too small for a dress were perfect as a top) - separated by sleeve length
  • Bottoms - separated by type
  • Pajamas - separated by season

Then, for most of the clothing, instead of folding it up I laid it out flat.

Little DressesLittle Shirts

By placing the shirts upside down in the drawer, it's easier for Mom to thumb through and find what she's looking for.

For pants, pajamas and outfits, we folded:

Pants and PajamasOnesies and Outfits

So why did I do it this way? It's not the "neatest" presentation, but that's not what is important when you have a little one running around. With the pajamas and outfits, it will be much quicker and easier for the parents to grab and get their daughter dressed. With the dresses and tops, not only is it easier to find what they're looking for while thumbing through the tops of the clothes, this way fit easier and better in the drawers.

And one of the most important reasons - this is the easiest and quickest way to put the clothes back when laundry is done. A MAJOR feat in kicking clutter when you have a child. Their toys make that job hard enough as it is without adding clothing to the mix.

How do you organize your young child's clothes?