Hey Red! How Many Hairbrushes Is Too Many?

My clients (family/friends/strangers) always ask for my advice and recommendations on much more than just organizing. And the way I’ve seen it, if one has a question, others do too. Here’s where I’ll share these tips and answers with you!

Hey Red! How Many Hairbrushes Is Too Many?

My initial answer to this question is my answer to many questions like this...

If you have to ask, you may already have too many.

The question was prompted by seeing this picture:

If you can make a rainbow or any other sort of sculpture out of your hairbrush collection - and you're not a hairdresser - it's time to narrow down.

The lady that asked the original question narrowed down her 5 to 2. The client with the above collection narrowed down to 4. Both perfectly respectable, tamed numbers for their space and needs.

So what if you go through different hair lengths? Be realistic. Hair grows on average of 1/2 inch a month. It's one thing if you make slight differences in your hair but if you make a drastic change, it's going to be quite some time before you need the old stuff again. Let it go. You'll probably want fresh and new hair goodies to go with the fresh and new hair anyway.

(Obviously I'm not talking about someone that plays around with wigs and extenstions. Just be practical. If your hairbrushes are taking over your bathroom, you need to make decisions. If everything has a place where it lives and is not cluttering or getting in the way of other things, it's fine. But remember, you only have one head. Keep accordingly.)

How many hairbrushes do you have?

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