Memories Revisited One Last Time?

Last week I posted about friends that won their battle against the storage unitWhen one of these friends posted their triumph on Facebook one reaction in particular struck me: "Downside: Memories revisited one last time."

It is this very line of thinking that causes so many people to get bogged down in emotional clutter. Our memories are not contained in our things.

Let's take a moment to let that sink in.

Our memories. Are not. Contained in our things.

While it's true that certain objects can trigger those memories, they don't contain them. When you let go of an object, you do NOT let go of the memory.

Let's take a moment to let that one sink in.

When you let go of an object. You do NOT. Let go. Of the memory.

That memory is yours to keep forever.

Got it?


If you have an object you absolutely adore that strikes up a memory, it's fine to hang on to it if you have a place you can keep it without it becoming clutter. However, if the object is something random and cluttering up your home then you aren't honoring the object or the memory. You have permission to let it go. If you're afraid of losing the memory, you can always take a picture of the item to provide that same trigger.

Are you holding on to something just because it's a trigger for a memory? Trust that the memory is not stored in the object. Can you let that thing go this week?