Quick Tip: Birthday Clearing

Letting go of clutter and getting everything organized is one thing. But then there's the kicker...


If you don't keep up with everything - putting things back where they belong when you're finished with them, getting rid of what you don't use anymore, etc. - then it's a whole lot of time and energy used for not.

After the giant initial weed and organize, I recommend doing a weed-out of your entire home at least once a year. The smaller your home, the more often you should do this. Clutter creeps in quicker in a smaller home. I'm in a teeny home, so I usually do this quarterly.

I promise this won't take as long as the first time around. At least, it won't if you were at least staying on top of your organizational systems.

If you have a hard time remembering to do this, then always plan to do it before your birthday. It's like clearing space for your personal new year. I just did this last week and even in my 440 sq ft., clutter-free home I still found a full bag's worth to donate, a small stack for Half Price, a little trash, and a LOT of recycling/shredding.

And one small ceremonial fire.

Because sometimes shredding is just not enough.

Do you have a birthday coming up? What can you get rid of to create space for your personal new year?