Cleanse by Fire

Sometimes in the clearing of our clutter, we come across things we don't want to think about or never want to come across again.

Maybe it's old love letters from an asshole before they revealed their assholitude. (Yes, I make up words.) Maybe it's letters revealing their assholitude.

(Used it twice in the same paragraph so now it's a real word. Right, Webster?)

Maybe it's paperwork from bad memories but had to be held on to for legal/referral purposes and now enough time has passed.

Whatever it is, you know it when you feel it. And it's not a good feeling.

Bad juju.

Not to be confused with the "zsa zsa zsu."

When things have bad juju, I like to set them on fire. A little cleansing by fire not only gets rid of the thing creating the bad memory, but also to me seems to clear out the psyche some as well.

After all, some things need to just never exist in this universe any more. Period.

As a friend said, it's just cathartic. My clients that have done this say so too.

And sometimes, especially in the clutter process, all we need is a little catharsis. Catharsis is goooooood.

*Disclaimer* Take all proper precautions. This is best done outside in a fire pit or barbeque grill. Don't do it outside if there's a burn ban. In you *have* to do it inside, don't do it with a lot of paper or anything that will give off noxious fumes. Open the windows and crank up the fans. Don't have anything you don't want to set on fire near the flame. If there are any other precautions I haven't given but you think of, take them. I'm not to be held liable for buffoonery.

Another fun word.

Have anything flammable that is bringing up bad juju for you?? A little cleansing by fire may just do the trick.