Food Geek Friday: The Traveling Eater

With summer travel in full swing I wanted to share with you my favorite question for finding awesome food on the road.

After all, to get the answer you want you have to ask the right question.

When I travel, I start with one main rule - nothing I can get at home. My other mission is to find and taste some of the local food culture.  When asking friends or locals where to go eat in a new town, you have to phrase your question right. If not, you can usually end up with recommendations to the newest hot spot or the place they tell tourists to go. This may still get you a good meal, but it's not a guarantee that you'll get a true glimpse into local food culture. Instead, I phrase it like this:

You're away from home for 5 years. When you come back, where do you eat first?

What do people crave when they're away that they can't get anywhere else? That's almost definitely something you want to try. I have had some of the most unexpected, amazing meals as the answer to this question.

How do you find great food while you're traveling?

And now it's your turn...where are you from and when you go back, where do you eat first? I may want to plan a food trip.