Junky Link Love

Recently my inbox was inundated with links to interesting articles on clutter, garages, and just junkiness in general. (I love that my friends and clients send me these when they come across them.) If you have clutter problems or share my fascination in the psychology of it, these are worth a read.

  • A Fine Mess: Why We Need to Ditch the Clutter - Huffington Post. This article reiterates what I see in my work every day - the psychological and stress effects that clutter has on a person and specifically how is spikes the stress hormones in mothers.
  • She Sees Clutter; He Sees Treasures - Wall Street Journal. This is an EXCELLENT article on the struggles that couples face when one is neater than the other. I love that this shows it's a common struggle among couples though most don't like to talk about it. It also gives tips to approach it, i.e. using humor. (My favorite way to work through the clutter!)
  • UFYH - Smart, straight forward advice and tip blog. But NSFW. When you get there, you'll see why. (Hint...if you don't curse and aren't a fan of cursing, this may offend your delicate sensibilities. Wear a crash helmet.)
  • The Way We Live: Drowning in Stuff - New York Times. An interview with head researcher and author of the book, "Life at Home in the 21st Century." (Which I plan to buy, read and review here.)
  • Clutter's side effects: How the state of your home affects your life - She Knows. The correlations between clutter, which part of the home it is in and what it means to you. I see this all the time and we don't even realize how much it affects us until we start to take control over it.
  • Make Your Bed! For Productivity, Profit and Peace - Apartment Therapy. The beautiful trickle down effect that a simple and quick act of making your bed every morning has on the rest of your day and life. If you don't make your bed every day, suck it up and do it.
  • You Probably Have Too Much Stuff - New York Times. Great, quick blog post on the cost of having too much stuff and the consequences of "over-preparedness" in terms of money and energy.

Now get to reading!

Have you come across any great clutter articles recently? Please share them in the comments below.