Pep Talk: The Clutter Threshold

The Clutter Threshold - A Side of Fabulous Blog

When it comes to clutter, it's all a matter of perspective. We all have what I call our "clutter threshold."

Mine is very low. I know some who have an even lower threshold. A hoarder's is broken. Most fall somewhere in between.

It doesn't matter where yours is. You know you've reached it when your home is making you batty.

Recently, this picture started getting comments on my personal Facebook page.

Some didn't like that it resembled their own home office. Others were surprised and asked if I wanted to borrow tools to plow through it all. Still others thought it looked OK. The above happened to be the breaking point for that particular client.

This was the breaking point for another.

And another.

I've been in even worse breaking points than these.

We all have a breaking point, and it's different for everybody.

As a professional that has seen all sorts of states of hot mess homes. The one thing everyone has in common is that they think it's worse than it is.

That's because you've reached your clutter threshold.

Everything is worse than it seems when you hit the breaking point.

The good news is that you can ALWAYS fix it, and see to it that your home no longer makes you crazy.

Your home is an inanimate object. Never let inanimate objects make you crazy.

Can you work clearly, effectively and efficiently in your home in its current state? If so, fabulous! If not, then you could be nearing your clutter threshold and need to take action to fix it. Now. You'll feel so much better once you do.

What's your clutter threshold? Low? High? Is your home office more or less organized than these starting points? Tell me in the comments below.

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