Quick Tip: Overwhelmed?

This weekend I had a really fantastic talk with a psychiatrist. No...it was not for me.

We actually talked about you.

He was fascinated with the way that I work with my clients. The feeling of overwhelm came up since that is something that each and every one of my clients says when we first start to talk. He gave me some interesting thoughts about the feeling of overwhelm that I'd never heard before.

When we're overwhelmed, we often try to charge forward and power through. However, the feeling of overwhelm is the body's mechanism to tell us to pull back, slow down and reassess. This is, of course, what I do for my clients. Help them pull back, assess the situation and create a game plan that works.

Feeling overwhelmed with your clutter? Don't plow forward and try to tackle it all at once. Instead listen to your body. Slow down and think about the big picture that you want. Then attack it in baby steps instead of large chunks.

What do you do when you're overwhelmed?