Own It. Rock It.

I've recently been working with a friend and fellow new business owner. He, like all business owners (new or not), has made quite a few mistakes along the way. He told me that he hates how every time he mentions mistakes he's made, whoever he's talking to tries to console and make him feel better - especially when it is someone he is in business with or has hired to consult.

Him: All of the mistakes we've made since we've been open are my fault.

Me: Yes they are.


Me: Well, of course it's your fault. It's your business. I've made mistakes and had to eat it quite a bit too. And it's all my fault.

What does this have to do with organizing?


We have to take ownership of our actions. Own our clutter. Own our crapola. Own our putting it off until "later." It is our decisions - or most likely lack there-of - that put us in this position. No fair putting blame on something or someone else. No creating crackpot excuses.

We did this.

It is our fault.

(Not said in a defeatist way. No beating up, berating or self-flagellation allowed. Just admitting of fact without judgement.)

There's a beauty in owning it. How? Because when you own it, you can rock it in a new direction.

How fabulous is that?

When we know and own that it is our own actions that put us in this position, then we also know and own that it is our actions that will fix it.

Instead of taking the action to "do it later" I take the action to "deal with it now."

Bam. Decision made and something done.

Instead of blaming others or outside circumstances, we take full responsibility and rock it in a new direction from here forward.

Is changing habits hard? Of course. But it's certainly not impossible. Like anything, if you want it bad enough, you can totally make it happen.

And my client that made the mistakes? He's taking action and turning things around in impressive ways. I was with him as he had his papers spread all over the floor sorting, shredding and purging away. He explained to a family member how he is setting up his filing system to keep him organized and his business ready for anything. The way he is doing it is exactly the way I would have told him to. I couldn't have been prouder!

What are you owning today? What decisions will you rock?