Quick Tip: Think Long Term

In honor of my mom's XXnd birthday, this tip comes from her. Though she didn't know she was giving a useful tip at the time. It was just something she said.

She and I went to farmers market on Saturday and ran into quite a few people we knew. A few of us discussed downsizing and about my parents living in the same house and whatnot. Mom says, "We downsized when we bought this house."

Now to me it didn't seem like downsizing. The house we lived in was a TEEEEENY little house. Moving into the house they now still inhabit while I was in 3rd grade (or was it 4th?) seemed GIANORMOUS. I believe it's about twice the size of the house we moved from. I know my room became twice as big.

I give Mom "the look."

Then she says, "We knew you'd run away from home one day so we only needed the two bedrooms."

It's true. I left and they aren't stuck with a bunch of extra space to collect "stuff." Their home is the perfect size for the two of them.

When looking at a major purchase, you must of course consider your current needs but look at the long term needs as well. Not from a "clinging to just in case" standpoint but from a "what won't be here" stand point. Maybe it will turn out you don't need as much as you think you do.