Do You Need More Space?

Lots of good reaction from Monday's blog on thinking longer term for major purchases like buying a home. One in particular that I had to share:

I love this response to the feeling of not having enough space. Last year, I worked with a lovely woman who had recently lost her husband. She was VERY neat and tidy and didn't hold on to anything while he was quite the pack rat. The two of them lived in a three bedroom, two bath home that fit their lifestyle and fulfilled their combined a point. She told me that every so often her husband would try to get her to move into a bigger home because *they* didn't have enough space. Each time she stood her ground and said, "I have plenty of space and I refuse to clean a bigger house." So each time the husband would begrudgingly let go of "just enough" instead.

Are you considering moving into a bigger home because of your things instead of the addition of people or a major lifestyle change? If so, I urge you to look at letting go of the things first before making the move. I can absolutely guarantee you that in the long run you will spend SIGNIFICANTLY less energy clearing out stuff than it will take you to find a new home, move into the new home and then set up the new home. Not to mention all of the address changes that have to occur with mail, bills, friends, etc.

Even if you do have a major lifestyle change or the addition of people to your home, look at getting rid of unnecessary whatnot first and how you can reconfigure your current space before leaping to a move. It will save you a lot of time and energy.

Seriously. Think of the raging pain in the ass it is to move. Face the clutter. It may seem much harder. It may be emotionally more challenging. However, facing the clutter is what will actually SOLVE your issue where moving won't.

And it won't be as much of a pain in the ass as you think.