Slowing Down to Press Ahead.

Every fall, I always feel a strong pull to re-evaluate, re-organize and purge. It's almost always my home. This year it isn't. (Even if I'm working through a full-home, re-decoration project.)

This year the pull is for my business.

Not to fret! It's definitely NOT going way. I've got a head full of ideas and ways I want to expand and grow to reach more people no matter their budget or location.

A metric, sh*t-ton of ideas to be exact.

When a client has umpteen million projects going on and a to-do list that's longer than an elephant trunk, my advice is always the same:

  • Do a MASSIVE brain dump. Just get every single little thing in your head onto a list.
  • Look at your list. What is most important? What needs to be done first to accomplish something else on that list?
  • Order your list by importance and what must be done to get other things done.
  • Start doing.

I'm taking my own advice. Brain dump has happened. Ordering and doing is currently in process.

Some of the big changes and additions will be happening here on the blog. Friday was my 300th post.

Food, of course...even though this is an organizing blog that seems somehow appropriate, no?

300+ posts leads to it's own organizing challenges to be sure. I want readers to find what they need here on the blog as I want them to be able to find what they need in their homes. I now know how I want to make that happen but it will take a while to work through things to get it there.

All of this to say, there will be a significant slow-down on posts here while I'm working on these things. Once it's all done, it will be fabulously easy to find what will help you the most in your own organizing life. Sound good?

In the meantime, what issues are you having? Where do you most need help? What would you like to see covered here? What tools/information will most help you reach your goals? I'd love to work all that into what I'm currently doing so leave it in the comments.

Much thanks!!!