Quick Tip: DVR Bankruptcy

Recently Peter Shankman, PR bad-ass and the guy that thought up/created HARO (which is how I've received most of my national publicity and, again, makes him a PR bad-ass), posted an interesting question.

Do you ever declare "DVR Bankruptcy?"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know...#firstworldproblem.

But really, my whole business is based on one. Too much stuff. So I'm OK with chatting up the seemingly insignificant things because sometimes you need a little escape. And if you looked at my record list, you'd think I needed a lot of escape.

Though never bad enough to make me watch the Jersey Shore. Hallelujah that that was cancelled.

But I digress...

So. DVR Bankruptcy. It essentially means that your DVR is stuffed full of shows you haven't watched and you have a bunch of new shows you want to record/watch but can't so you delete everything "vowing" to do better next time.

I've heard of people just clearing it all out and starting over. I stay on top of mine "fairly" well. (surprise surprise. even that's organized) but sometimes it sneaks up on me. I've cleared out movies I didn't watch and I've bought movies and TV series on DVD (Mad Men, I'm lookin' at you!) to clear space, but I've never just said "chuck it" and deleted the whole thing.

How do you manage your DVR space?