Quick Tip: Use the Good Stuff

Champagne Tower via Kara 414

I recently talked with a woman that had a beautiful gold flatware set. She insisted it was special though she never used it. It was so special, in fact, that it lived on the floor in a closet.

This is not how we treat special things.


Seriously. What the hell are you waiting for?!?!

Life is too short to wait for "special occasions." Create one if it'll make you feel better. "I made it through today without strangling anyone" will always work. I lost a pound. I gained a pound. The girl in the corner office I can't stand wasn't in today. My best friend got a promotion.  I left a job that was sucking my soul. The sun was out. It rained. Doesn't matter. Point is if you wait for a special occasion, it'll never happen. If you create one, it can happen whenever you like.

Using the good stuff instantly makes the everyday special. Drink champagne on a Tuesday. Eat breakfast on the china. Wear the sparkly earrings. If you're not using something then it's just clutter anyway. These things are meant to be used. Use them!

What "special occasion" thing will you do today?