But It's Just Me

The other day I went on a redheaded mini-rant about using your good stuff. Today, I'm doing it again.  This one is for my fellow single people.

If there's something I see and hear all the time as an "excuse" it's, "But it's just me. Why should I?" This can be in relation to getting rid of clutter, cleaning the house, cooking good food, working out or whatever else situation you want to avoid.

If you don't care to treat yourself well, why will anyone else?

Don't you think you deserve better? In case you're unsure, let me spell it out for you.

You deserve better!

You deserve a clutter-free, organized and clean home that represents who you are and how you want to feel in it. You deserve delicious food that didn't come out of a box, bag or drive-thru window. You deserve the endorphin rush after a good workout. You deserve whatever the hell it is you're avoiding by saying "but it's just me."

Your personal life deserves to take front and center stage over your professional and outside life. After all, if you are not personally fulfilled, you will not be able to truly give everything you want to the things you do, professional, social and otherwise.

Some time ago, I had a spa day with friends I hadn't seen since our party days.

(Side note...you know you've reached full adulthood when you meet up with your old drinking buddies at the spa in the middle of the day instead of the bar in the middle of the night.)

One says to his wife, "You should see the pictures of her food. It all looks so good. The other day she made lobster risotto."

"And that was just for me."

"I know! That's whats so awesome about it!"

If I want lobster, why in the world should I wait for a special occasion or until there's someone else to cook it for? What good can come of that? So I made the risotto and then not only did I have a fabulous dinner (with champagne) but I also had incredible leftovers for lunch during the week.

Let me tell you...cold lobster risotto scarfed down between meetings and clients is a way more relaxing and satisfying lunch then anything that came through the drive-thru. Quicker as well!

When you have a home that is neat and organized, life in general is just easier. It's nicer to come to at the end of a long day. It's easier to get ready in during a busy morning. It's more restful to sleep in and more delightful to wake up in. I could keep going on forever, but there's no need. When you make the time for yourself, everything around you - including you! - benefits.

So the next time you want to put things off by thinking, "It's just me, who cares." Stop yourself. Know and feel that you deserve better. Then do it BECAUSE it's just for you!